We support a variety of trusted Minecraft plugins. We're always working to add new Plugins as requests come in to us. You can easily spawn a new Minecraft server with a plugin installed using the Quick Launch button, or go to a Plugins profile page to install it into one of your existing Minecraft servers. 

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The best and simplest way to add placeholders to your server!
A practical, secure and friendly authentication plugin.
The all in one GUI menu plugin!
A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...
Dependencies: CMILib
Create unlimited random spawns around the world, players will be respawned randomly (GUI Editor)
A generator that augments vanilla world generation.
SuperiorSkyblock is a modern Skyblock core that brings many tweaks and changes to the old and lovely Skyblock game-mode. The core is optimized and it's designed to fit your needs.
Collection of a lot of tiny features that help with building