Get a Free Minecraft Server!

Will become {server_name}
New world type
eg. - The URL must be publicly accessible. Ensure all server settings (eg. game mode, difficulty, hardcode more) are the same as the existing world or unexpected behaviour may occur.
Forces Game Mode to Survival, Difficulty to Hard, and no respawns when you die.
With this enabled, we'll list your server as looking for players on our Find a Server page. Encourages random players to join, not recommended for private servers.
Authenticate with Mojang for Minecraft accounts that connect to this server.
eg. - The URL must be publicly accessible. This must be a direct download link, if this link redirects it probably won't work for Minecraft clients to install.
Enable a whitelist. With this enabled only the users defined below will be able to connect.
The list of users that are allowed to connect to your server. Separate each user with a comma eg: pikachu, bulbasaur, squirtle

By launching a server you agree to the Minecraft EULA