Our Minecraft speedrunning service is currently in alpha. After completing testing of this service we will launch a global leaderboard. Please help us testing by completing a speedrun!

Here's how it works:

  • Launch a Minecraft Speedrunning server of your chosen version. Only Vanilla servers are allowed. No plugins can be installed. This allows for fair gameplay.
  • Only 1 player is allowed to connect and play on the server. (ie. max-players is always set to 1)
  • Complete Minecraft by defeating the ender dragon as quickly as possible.
  • Stop the server from the admin panel, this will trigger your final time to be calculated.
  • Your time will be calculated from the time you first connect to the server, therefore we recommend not connecting until your server has fully started.
  • Your time to be calculate until the time you first defeat the ender dragon.
  • Each time you start a speedrunning server, a brand new world will be generated, including a new world seed. Therefore all runs must be completed without stopping or restarting the server.

Launch a Speedrunning server