How to change the weather in Minecraft

Whilst your Minecraft server will naturally cycle between different weather types, you can change this at any time using the power of the Minecraft console. It's one of the easiest commands to start out with too!

The basic command structure is /weather <type> <length>

The <type> parameter can either be clear, rain or thunder. This parameter is required.

The <length> parameter is the length in seconds this weather will be applied to your server. This parameter is optional, and if left out, will default to 300 seconds (5 minutes).

Changing the weather on the Minecraft console.

You can access the console for your Minehost server under the "Console" link in the Server main menu - (The console will only be available when the server is up and running).

Using this can make a beautiful clear day on your Minecraft server:

A beautiful clear day in Minecraft.

But it can also make you wish you'd packed an umbrella :(

A rainy day in Minecraft.

Remember: When changing the weather to thunder on your server, this means the light level will fall low enough for hostile mobs to spawn even during the day.