How to add a Server Operator in Minecraft

When running a Minecraft server, you'll want to give server operator permissions to trusted users. By making them an operator, they will be able to perform actions such as giving items, managing the whitelist, banning players, changing the time, difficulty, game mode and much, much more!

The commands you will need are as follows:

/op <username> - Adds the <username> as a server operator

/deop <username> - Removes the <username> as a server operator

To use these commands, head to the console panel of your Minehost server to do this:

Adding a server operator in the Minehost console.

When you add a user as a server operator, they will immediately receive a notification inside Minecraft:

A server operator receiving a notification.

It's that simple! Any operators you add will persist after a server is restarted, but not if a server is recreated from the server admin panel.