A Minecraft Map Editor... that runs in-game!

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WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game Minecraft map editor. Through a combination of commands and “brushes,” you can sculpt your world or simply perform numerous terraforming tasks.

  • Quickly create, replace or delete thousands of blocks in seconds
  • No longer waste time doing mundane activities like fix badly flowing water!
  • Quickly create basic shapes like spheres, cylinders, and so on
  • Copy areas, paste them, load them, and save them as .schematics
  • Do cool things like input mathematical expressions to generate terrain
  • Use “brush tools” to carve out mountains, ravines, and so on
  • Use your compass to quickly teleport to areas by left clicking or using /jumpto
  • Choose an area and have it instantly restored from backups
  • Open source, and one of the oldest Minecraft projects (since Minecraft Alpha!)

Memory Warning This plugin can allow commands to be run that can make your server run out of memory. Click here for more information.

Compatible server types

PaperMC Spigot



Available Versions

  • 7.2.15
  • 7.2.14
  • 7.2.13
  • 7.2.12

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