Simple Tpa

A simple tpa plugin which sends requests

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/tpa [player] - Sends a teleportation request.
/tpahere [player] - Sends a teleportation request to teleport the player to you.
/tpahereall - Sends a teleportation request to teleport everyone to you.
/tpaccept - Accepts the request.
/tpatoggle - Disables/Enables the teleportation to you.
/tpatoggle [player] - Disables/Enables the teleportation to a specific player.
/tpdeny - Denies the teleportation request.
/back - Teleports you to your last location.
/back [player] - Returns a player to its last position.
/tpcancel [player] - Cancels a teleportation request to a specific player.
/simpletpa - Opens the main menu
/simpletpa debug - Shows information about the plugin and server
/simpletpa reload - Reloads the plugin

Compatible server types

PaperMC Spigot



Available Versions

  • 6.4

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